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I am starting a new job within Finance in a few weeks where they have hinted that I need some VBA skills. I will be creating some models for them which need to be robust, secure and so on. My knowledge of Excel is intermediate but I have never used VBA. Can anyone recommend some good books I can pick up? I was looking in a bookstore today but there are tons of books which all look the same (huge and expensive). Online resources would also be great, or tips in general.
Goteborgs rape is very nice. And highly addictive. And yes, the name is funny in english.
Check the back pocket for forgotten grouse
Colours not to be worn at weddings (for women): White (only), for the bride - makes sense Black (only) for funerals- makes sense Red, signifies that you have slept with the groom -
Do you have a dog? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=178227
The dog did you a favour
Those coats are amazing
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Prenup. +1 Could it be that the 5 other proposals came from guys with limited finances?
I think we can all (including OP) agree that the watch we are discussing is not gaudy per se, as it is a very understated and beautiful watch. Nobody will scream BLING BLING upon seeing it and most people will not even recognize it for what it is. The interesting point (which I also believe the OP is trying to make) is whether it is gaudy to spend 20k (or over) on a watch that, at the end of the day, is a watch. This is a forum dedicated to the appreciation (and...
I bought a pair of suede white loafers when I was younger for exactly the same reason. They looked great in the store and I thought I could wear them with jeans. I wore them twice and will probably never wear them again. It just doesn't work (unless you like looking like a guido). Buy brown loafers instead - trust me on this.
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