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It's my absolute favorite. The waiters sometimes give me looks when I order carpaccio as a starter and steak tartare as my main course. I don't mind, I simply love the raw meaty goodness. Never tried to make it myself, though I have been playing with the idea.
The tasteful thickness of it.. God it even has a watermark!
I heard a story about a young man being interviewed for a job at a bank in London; I fail to remember if it was JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs or something similar. This man, fresh from college, had better test results than social skills. He was somewhat introvert and very nervous about the whole affair. He flew in from Sweden and arrived at the office dressed in a badly fitting black suit and light brown, clunky soled shoes. You all know the type. He learns that he has to...
This weekend I'm going to Budapest with my girlfriend. We are staying at the Sofitel Budapest and are looking forward to experiencing the city together, neither of us has been there before. I am looking for some tips and recommendations from those of you aquainted with the city. Which shops should I seek out? Apart from Vass my knowledge of Hungarian brands is sorely lacking. What to see? Where to eat? What to do? I would be very grateful for some
During my student days I cooked food for 60 people with ingredients totalling less than 50 USD. We called it pasta with guck, i.e. pasta with a chunky sauce. Ingredients were bought at a super-cheap iranian deli, lots of pasta and veggies and stuff. With the right seasoning it is surprisingly good.
Go to Hooters?
I am sorry but classy and "sun glasses at night" do not belong in the same sentence.
I would say that Swedes, on a whole, dress quite well compared to other countries. Such things are of course always difficult to grade, especially since there are huge differences between what people in the city (which in Sweden basically boils down to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö) and the rest of the country. If we take Stockholm as an example the ordinary man on the street dresses reasonably well. You are right about the horrible shoes though; there are far too...
I was browsing a Swedish fashion forum and came across this thread that not only amused me but also made me think. This forum has a higher percentage of younger, less experienced members but it's not bad for finding shopping deals and sales in Sweden. Anyway, this young man has just bought his first shirt with a French cuff (from Bertoni apparently) and seeks advice on applying the cuff-links. http://www.manligt.net/viewtopic.php?t=13151 (You will have to look...
Why are people here writing "h8"? I really hate it.
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