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I would ask the people over at Fedora Lounge's outerwear forum. They have a "interest" (some would say unhealthy obsession) in aviator jackets. You will probably learn more than you have ever wanted...
I think I just sustained permanent eye damage..
+1 on the cuff-links (I own an identical pair myself) Great for pimpin'
I'd like to know more about these Poljot watches. I like the look of some of them and also the fact that they are russian. The Chronographs seem pretty cheap as well. Any experiences?
Every time I sober up I regret it, sobering up that is.
Hello everybody, Yesterday was a lovely day here in Stockholm, slightly cold but crisp, clear skies and even some of that ever-illusive sunlight. Nice dry streets. At least I thought so while deciding what to wear for the day. Later that evening I walked out into a wet snowstorm and rapidly melting slush covered sidewalks. Needless to say, my leather soles were not pleased. As I walked, cursing, through the horrible goo I reflected on how much better I would feel...
Can somebody tell me about these discontinuations?
The trousers are black right? Please tell me they are black? (ok or midnight blue)
Do not attempt to catch a falling knife.
My father works for the EU so I have found myself visiting on occasion (even had lunch a few times at the Parliment building). My overall appraisal leads me to this conclusion: officials attaced to the EU dress not only conservatively but also poorly. Clunky, square shoes, ill-fitting cheap suits, horrible grey shirts and tie combinations.. It was, sadly, a depressing sight.
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