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There a quite a few of these but this one was actually surprisingly funny. Consultants vs Bankers. Shout-outs to Kenneth Cole and Men's Warehouse. http://www.vimeo.com/1616061
A pair of chestnut C&J Hallam. I remember just sitting at home and looking at them, smelling the leather. The salesperson (owner of the shop actually) was really nice and very passionate about shoes, he threw in free trees and gave me the book Vass wrote about making shoes. I think he knew what he was triggering in my innocent mind. He knew all too well... I got my revenge though, a little website called PLAL...
They look really nice. How much is international shipping? To Sweden for example. I'm guessing you are US based.
True, but I am in Sweden and the shipping is sort of a hastle. I noticed they had some nice scarves in their new autumn collection (not on sale of course). I am pondering the difference between "lambswool" and "wool" though.
Does anyone know the fit of their shirts? I'm unsure about whether I should choose S or M. I am looking at the solid madras.
Being drunk gives you the attitude needed to pull it off.
Ah, simple yet so deceptive. Thanks
When you use the search function, is it possible to see the replies themselves instead of merely the thread within they are located? It is sort of difficult to look through some of the threads with 700+ posts after a special keyword. I am thinking something sort of like the "my posts" function, but I can not seem to find anything.
If this is true then how does it explain the fact that women often fall for guys with expensive cars whose eyes are firmly fixed to the nicest rack (or ballgame) present?
I like my women the way I like my whiskey, 16 years old and mixed up with coke
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