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In the left buttock? Now it will be even more difficult for him to sit in church
Quote: Originally Posted by dshin Those Herrings look very nice. Can anyone comment on their quality? The last is great and they are really comfortable. The leather is my only complaint, it creases and scuffs very easily. Leather conditioner takes care of it and it does sort of give them a nice patina. Although I don't own a pair of Tetburys I have heard the same complaints raised against them. For its price however, 99.95 GBP, I think they...
Great boots! I have the similar herring chukkas which I feel were good value for money even though the leather could be better. Here they are: http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/produc...electedFitID=0 I would recommend buying more tapered/slimmer jeans though, you can hardly see the boots.
I wear a scarf. I even have one in cashmere that is usually folded a number of times while worn but can, in case of emergency, be folded out to the size of a small tent. People sometimes give the small cashmere tent funny looks but at least I'm warm (there's a horrible draft from the windows).
I love the first two ulster coats in Lucky Strike's post. I am looking for something just like it for this winter. Any tips on where to buy?
http://www.beautybay.com/haircare/ph...emilkbodywash/ Yum yum
Guns? Ha, hammers is where it's at. Notice Old Boy is indeed wearing a suit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NY1lpIf5Jmg
Making 60k a year... Oh that's not a lot of moooooney
There a quite a few of these but this one was actually surprisingly funny. Consultants vs Bankers. Shout-outs to Kenneth Cole and Men's Warehouse. http://www.vimeo.com/1616061
A pair of chestnut C&J Hallam. I remember just sitting at home and looking at them, smelling the leather. The salesperson (owner of the shop actually) was really nice and very passionate about shoes, he threw in free trees and gave me the book Vass wrote about making shoes. I think he knew what he was triggering in my innocent mind. He knew all too well... I got my revenge though, a little website called PLAL...
New Posts  All Forums: