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If you have the cash, go for lounge. My heart desires this sofa with the power of a thousand stars... (Click heirloom collection, then Philip Stanhope)
I know, but they are still difficult to understand. I have always wondered though: Norwegians understand Swedish better than we understand Norwegian. The same goes for Danes. But how well do Danes and Norwegians understand each other?
Swedish and Danish are closely related in a very strange way. They understand perfectly what we say but to us their strange guttural gargling is incomprehensible. This leads to the common phenomenon of us trying the speak English with them and them answering in Danish to us. Norwegian is easier to understand, provided they speak the one of their two languages which is not crazy sounding.
That is absolutely awesome. 9800 Euro? Alternatively, you could buy a car to keep all your shows in. Mobile too.
Almost everyone, especially in academic settings, speaks English. Danish is a horrible language that no one should be forced to learn.
My eyes never left Lucy Liu's fair form so I have no opinion
I think the last picture gives two very good reasons for dressing nicely
Gundel in Budapest was nice and affordable for the insane amount of fois gras included.
Ahem, Brideshead revisited would like a word with you.. Talented Mr Ripley Gattaca
I have had both pork and beef cheeks. Pork are great but the beef ones I ate were truly fantastic. They were marinated and then braised for days or something. The knife just flowed through them without pressure. Came with truffle scented potato puree.
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