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Quote: Are black sweaters very common? What kind of shirt/trousers would you pair it with? Only if you are going to a lot of casual, cold funerals...
Consultants you say? That explains it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROlDmux7Tk4
Black trousers and jackboots seem to do the trick. Perhaps add some sprezzatura with red.
The only correct response is "Good day to you sir" and if they persist "Sir, I said good day to you sir"
But I want it now...
Best character ever
I am more intrigued about how to differentiate between "working to get power" and "already has power". Also, if a girl tells you she wants you to smell good it means improve your hygiene and buy a better deodorant, not that she wants you to douse yourself in perfume.
No! Spend it all on a hand made Nakaya pen: Wooden ones: http://www.nakaya.org/standard/ebri.html Also cool: http://www.nakaya.org/standard/ezyukkaku.html Lacquer: http://www.nakaya.org/standard/ezyukkaku.html Or borrow more money and get: http://www.nakaya.org/eakikusa.html (not even the most expensive one)
Any new rumors on its arrival?
Skeppshult, if you like cast-iron. http://www.skeppshult.com/en/product/0240T/
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