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Just put in my order! Worked out well with the random 20% off. CNY is still 2 weeks away isn't it? Noticed that most of their measurements were very close and almost spot on based on my weight and height and other body selections. Most of my actual measurements were just 1/2 an inch smaller (few larger) than the ones they guessed. Still not sure if ill regret normal notch over slim. Didn't get the waist pocket either as it apparently makes you look shorter (if you are)....
Hmm, sounds alright. Thanks for the info! Guess i'll try get the measurements done this weekend and place my order. Probably gonna get the essential navy. Do people recommend the waist pocket, and slim notch? I'm also guessing dual vents are the way to go thesedays?
That actually looks amazing and is exactly the fit i'd be hoping for. I'm about 5'6 and slim/athletic due to some gym.I was reading "kyle is radds' (the other perfect fit, to me) post and he mentioned he shaved the figures a bit. Did you also do this?I should probably get started asap as I need it for a couple of weddings start of April.Just one more thing, you mention sending it back with the cheapest option, doesn't this also mean i'd have to wait longer for the...
Hmm Considering getting a suit from these guys. Can anyone from Australia who has sent anything back tell me approx how much the return shipping will cost? I fear that any savings made over buying in store and having it altered will break even with ridiculous shipping fees Australia Post charge. For example I once had to return a pair of shoes to which cost me $48 shipping from (cheapest available) Sydney to the States.
This is the best Jacket/fit i've seen. So tempted to get my friend to buy it for me from japan, but these things never fit me right so i'm scared without getting to try it on. I'm actually almost exactly that models height/weight 168cm/59kg but gym has made my shoulders/chest out of standard.
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