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Does anyone else find alot of their pictures way too bright/processed? Im trying to decide which of the pumpkin or dark flannel lightweight chinos I should get...and I honestly can't tell. Are they so light/bright in real life? Strangely, its hard to find other pics on google images etc. Also the nato straps are interesting. Wonder how itd be just as a wrist band. No normal bands fit my skinny wrists, only...
Hi guys, Bought these of another member and tried on, but sadly they are too loose for me at the waist (s28) as I don't want to wear a belt with them. I think they'd fit a sz 30 since they are supposed to stretch so much. Anyway I paid aud $170 for them. Looking for $140 PP Sydney Pickup available. $10-15 express shipped to Melb/Bris but can confirm.
Ah ok. I just wanted to see how much they modified my original measurements (i know it has to be increased slightly).Also, I got my suit 2 days ago and posted a few pics but it hasn't shown up because its not approved yet or something.How much leeway do they give on the sleeves for alteration? Mine seem just under an inch too short....i think.
^ I don't understand this rule either. I mean it makes complete sense for the classifieds area. But for general discussions? What is the approval process there to stop? Bot spamming? Surely one post approval would be enough?
Here are a couple of (poor) pics of 2 jackets i recently got online via a friend from japan. The blue one is 2nd hand but i loved the faded blue (rather than the new bright dsquared ones etc). All up ~100 and ~300 for the blue and black, respectively. Also have another brown Johnbull one which is my fave of the bunch. I find that most jackets available in Australia don't fit me well. Even 'Viparo', mentioned earlier on this thread are too large. Sure they say its slim...
So I got my suit yesterday and took some quick pics at night. It really needs to be pressed. Overall i'm pleased considering i haven't owned many suits in the past, and all were OTR. Seems like the sleeves are a little too short, especially on the right arm. Is it normal to have this difference? I've noticed it in a few other posters images too. Maybe my arms are different lengths or the shirt is the issue. I quickly put on the jacket this morning with another shirt, and...
So my suit ordered Feb 1st has finally shipped! I was hoping i'd be able to see the submitted measurements in comparison to the garment. Is there anyway to obtain these now?
Looks pretty good mate! Love the colour.As others said, the sleeves look a little short is about the only thing i notice. Even the length while technically a tad short, looks perfect on you imo.Damn now i'm regretting not getting the slim notch, being of a similar build as you. I just kept reading that the lapels are slim enough already.I'll be happy if mine turns out anything close to your fit to be honest.
Hi are these the slim fit shirts? Both XS? If so, i'll take both.
Just put in my order! Worked out well with the random 20% off. CNY is still 2 weeks away isn't it? Noticed that most of their measurements were very close and almost spot on based on my weight and height and other body selections. Most of my actual measurements were just 1/2 an inch smaller (few larger) than the ones they guessed. Still not sure if ill regret normal notch over slim. Didn't get the waist pocket either as it apparently makes you look shorter (if you are)....
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