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Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one An avocado only costs $5 a pop here, so I have it in the budget to overnight some tomatillos in. Only? Forgive me if you've already explained this, but why is it exactly that produce is so expensive in Korea?
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 why am I so motherfucking hot? I can actually feel that the air temp is totally normal; but I'm sweating like nothing else. WTF. This happened yesterday too on my way to work. I got to my office and had to rip my raincoat, suit coat, shoes, and tie off just to cool down. So I skipped the raincoat today. Maybe my office just has no air circulation (it certainly gets way too hot with the door...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid We usually buy snacks down the street and sneak them in my girl's purse I once witnessed a man bring a container of tuna salad into a movie theater. He stunk up the whole place. People had to leave.
My sister never ate fish until moving to Italy. Now, from what I've heard, she eat's octopus like it's going out of style.
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK +1 Additionally, lot of addictions you never really get over. Often times trading one for another.
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR My local Costco has them spinnin' in the rotiss' Those are all just for show. The chickens in the rotisserie oven are actually made of papier-mâché with a coating of nail polish to make them glisten.
Do you know if you're in ketosis?
Quote: Originally Posted by APK I'm eating mostly broccoli and cauliflower, both raw. They're both cumbersome to measure, but I'm probably eating at least four or five cups between the two each day lately. My grocery store has medium heads of broccoli, four for $5, so I'll buy a bunch of those and then eat one head as a snack. Bell peppers are also good, even though the winter frost made them scarce and expensive up until last week, when they were a buck...
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Following some variation of IF has seemingly made cutting a less difficult endeavor for me. I'm actually still having trouble hitting my calories, even though I've dropped them as low as I'm going to during this cut. I've been grazing with raw veggies during the day, lifting, and then coming home and doing the big feast. I've also stripped almost all non-veggie carbs (still gotta have me lo-carb Monster ), so the feast...
OP, there's no harm in taking a fish oil supplement for your brain health as you age, it's most likely very beneficial to do so, but just don't expect it to provide you with a total shield from the deleterious effects of a 30:1 O6/O3 standard American diet. I don't know exactly what your diet looks like currently, but eating the right kinds of food, and not others, is essential for reaping the full benefits gained from a fish oil supplement.
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