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Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK He may be on to something. I had low T for a few months and lost interest in sex. It's back and my mind is on poon many times a day. Oh, I've definitely experienced low T levels. I went without the art of masturbation for over 3 months once. It's just that that wasn't the cause of my lost interest, motivation, or success with women; more of an effect.
Damnit, I can't remember. There was a whole Good Eats episode all about it though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I lack your compassion and understanding? You lack nothing. Quote: Also, don't discount what I said. If you've never been the bull in rut odds are good I'm making a sound call. Please. If you visited my house in the early part of the last decade, you'd think everyone in my family suffered from chronically, severe, dry skin.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Yes, clearly you have low T for your age. That's great, Piobaire. Someone gives you an honest answer, and you have to respond in a callous and snide manner. Have you ever wondered why that might be?
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire What were you looking for? Affection and understanding. See the theme here? Unlike most boys my age, it was never about the sex. Call me crazy, I could have cared less about all of that. I was looking for something that I was missing in my life that, for me, was of higher priority.
Quote: Originally Posted by kraands x2 I'd love to see some studies done on this. Let's do it! Meet me at the baseball diamond on the Fourth of July. I'll bring the pants; you bring the shorts. Tell your friends.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I'm perplexed at the thought you only started chasing females in the last 1-2 years which is what you said ealier in the thread. YMMV but I think I started chasing tail around 12-13 years old. Do you have a possible hormonal problem? No, bro. You misread that. I said I haven't had the motivation to chase women in the past 2 years, for reasons I went into. I started the chase through middle, and high...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Just read yet another one of those posts of his. Yes, better title. Either that or "Captain Compassionate," as apparently he is out fighting crime with his compassion and understanding. I like this. Can we have this implemented?
I'd substitute duck for pork.
...but, then again, I haven't eaten many morels prepared as you describe. So, I'm sure you are right in that the point of eating them is to incorporate other fresh, spring-like flavors and ingredients.
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