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It's not your fault.
Quote: Originally Posted by Freewheeler Moreso than man I would say. I'd say, more or less, we both share the same allotment of impetuous and infantile behavior.
Why do you hate Mother Earth? Don't you know she loves you?
Indeed. Here is a better shot. Very good stuff.
I'd enjoy that. We should have a meal first; just giving me ice cream alone will give me a bad headache.
I do; I love to camp. Every time I've gone camping, it's been solo. Last time I went for 28 days, all by my lone. I'm all out there in nature getting in tune with the earth and my self. It's pretty deep shit. I'm sure you make a mean s'more.
I wish more people knew how great National Parks are to visit. They are so inexpensive, and so naturally beautiful. Why the hell do so many people go to Disneyland instead?
Quote: Originally Posted by MikeDT Normally I don't wear shorts, but in hot weather I sometimes roll my shirt up, exposing my belly to the air, thus keeping cool. You are everything wrong with this country. You stinky, smelly, asshole, you.
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah Is this why you hesitate to engage in sexual activity, or is there a greater ideology at work ? I believe it is because I place a higher value on the act itself than some. Call that silly or old-fashioned; I just guess I am silly and old-fashioned, then. Quote: I understand you want to catch your breath and get over that cheese incident. I hope to continue this sooner rather than later. Do...
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah Do you mind starting a thread on abortion ? I'm curious as to your stance on the matter Seriously? I think I have to give myself a chance to take a breath for a couple of days. Until then, my thoughts: Life begins at erection.
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