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Quote: Originally Posted by b1os That a boy! Looks good. How do you do them? In an italian cooking book it says you have to do it on minimum heat and when it's just a little liquid on the surface you either need to expertly turn it or put the pan in the oven and use the grill-function to finish it.. Yes. Very low heat until the bottom just starts getting golden and most of the top is starting to cook, then into a 400 degree oven; up close to...
I take my pork tenderloin out around 125-130°F, right?
Cool! I'll let you know where, and when, I'll be heading to next.
It comes in cream and oral form. I hear, for the case of skincare, it is very effective at preventing signs of aging and for use on scar tissue and inflammation. The effect it has on the body as a whole is another story. Supposedly, it helps greatly with post workout recovery.
Never in public. I almost am certain of that.
Third party, actually. It was created back in the 70's by the scientist who discovered reactive oxygen species and antioxidants.
Fuuma, I want to take that Panda off your head so maybe you could open your ears and listen; instead of ignore. (please quote for posterity)
Yeah, they are. But supposedly it's in the ratio that makes it so effective. I believe some studies are being conducted at Harvard, currently. And there are a few others by some other pretty credible universities, as well.
I like this:
^ Cary Grant wouldn't have worn shorts. Now, he was a true gentleman.
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