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Hugs are vital. I want to hug the world.
Queso Del Invierno from Vermont. Truly one of the better cheeses I've eaten in my lifetime.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's LOL! You really are way out there dude. Way way out there. WTF are you smoking? How many personalities do you operate in? LOL! I get high on my own supply. It's grade-A stuff. You should try some sometime. It doesn't cost anything, and you don't have to deal with stinky, smelly assholes to get your fix.
I request for Fuuma to be timed out for being an ignorant, stinky, smelly asshole. I will provide evidence to support my case. And I will pay money and cook dinner for you.
He's a stinky idiot, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I remember mm's first posts, I was sure he was a troll then and I'm sure he's a troll now. Stop being such a stinky, smelly, asshole. You stink. You smell. You are a stinky asshole.
Quote: Originally Posted by cross22 We have created a monster! (mm your trolling lately is much less irritating than your serious stuff earlier) Glad you feel that way. In effect, I now feel you are much less of an un-flushable turd. We have made progress!
Oh, I see you aren't from America. My mistake. Apologies.
Don't blame me; blame nothing. Soften your heart, Crane; shock the world. I believe in you.
Women don't know what they want. Only Mel Gibson does.
New Posts  All Forums: