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Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas ^ Nice. I had no idea there were mountains there, I've always thought of it as the Rio Grande park. There are tons of mountains in the Basin. I stayed there for the first four days, then moved down to Rio Grande Village--that's more desert land. Then, my last few days were spent at the Cottonwood campground, which actually had green grass and trees! Nice change of pace from the monotony of desert sand.
You don't think endive and baby arugula go together? I initially was going to make it as a composed salad, I just thought it would look nicer to separate the two. How would you have done it? I hear what you're saying, and I appreciate it. I'll try to keep harmony of flavors in mind, regardless of how nice something might look.
Some snaps from my trip to Big Bend: Chihuahuan Desert Rio Grande at sunrise. Santa Elena Canyon Emory Peak: Highest point of elevation in the park at 7,875 ft.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy diamond crystal is my utility salt. nice grain, clean flavor. like $2 apound. Alright, I'll stick with that for seasoning in the future. I picked up a lamb breast as well today for $2.37. Do you have any nice recipes up your sleeve?
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Well he was on a boat here, which means at some point he had to be on a beach in order to get on the boat. That is acceptable short policy; wear at the beach or on a boat. +1 This line of reasoning is extremely astute and insightful. Bravo, Harvey...Bravo.
You'd recommend kosher? It was only 10 dollars, too; from Mt. Kisco, New York
My cast iron is Le Creuset. But I actually prepared that in an All-clad aluminum pan.
By the way b1os, I made another steak yesterday. I seared it on moderately low heat in plenty of butter and a little oil, basting as I went along. It came out great, with much less of a well-done, sub-crust.
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