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So, maybe it's not about my generation, per se, but more about most American women, in general. Perhaps?
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen Most of what I know about Eastern European women comes from porn, and man oh man do they have some hot porn stars there. Yes. There is one in specific that is an all-time favorite. The Eastern Europeans I have met in person are truly like no other women I've met.
Perhaps I will comb Croatia, then.
I'd like to live in Switzerland--ski and eat cheese and chocolate the rest of my life. Maybe that's where all the good women are.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta [IMG] capeche? You mean: capisci* Parlo Italiano. Quote: Originally Posted by Fraiche That blanket statement is a copout answer for a guy who probably hasn't met enough variety in women. Where do I find variety? I desire a Smörgåsbord.
I bought a cherry Boos block and it started to come apart at the mortise joints after only 2 uses. It looked like it had been glued together or something. I got a refund, thankfully. Never again.
Seriously, though. I think this kind of preparation would look, and taste, awesome, with the brilliance of the Copper River Salmon complimenting the color of the Beurre Rouge. Fairly simple, too. I've been wanting to try it out for some time.
That looks awesome. I love it. Wish I were cooking for more than just one so I had some use for it.
You also might consider St. John: (Yes. Those are my toes in both pictures)
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