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Probably my best attempt at scrambled eggs to date: I added just a bit of heavy cream to the eggs before going in the pan.
Should I bother even spending the time referencing the literature? I feel like even when I present the science, you all are still going to ignore it, and stick to your own preconceived opinions on the matter. I'm not going to waste my time for any of you stinky assholes. I'll PM some to Manton if he wants; I have faith in Manton.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's What's taking so long MM? Oh never mind, I do understand how difficult it's going to be to find real scientific evidence to support your claim. It's just not out there so my guess will be that you will tell us to look within again. Then we will be enlightened and just know right? I'm not a Google search, you stinky asshole. It takes time for a human to go through pages of literature, and then present it in a...
For the record, ed. I have never attempted to "troll". My intentions here have always been earnest and sincere. I'll have some selected studies posted by tonight.
Sorry. I missed that.
Is this tagged a 38 or a 40?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Still waiting for those "science" links. I'm compiling; it takes time. Have some goddamn compassion. Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Look inside your heart, Manton, you know it to be true! +1
Hate to be that guy. But what's your diet like?
The smell of the anchovies, perchance?
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