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Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas but that's no reason for MM to doubt his ability to change the world over wine and cheese in 30 minutes. Good luck to ya MM. Thank you, Thomas. That's the kindest thing anyone on StyleForum has ever said to me. It is wholly worthy of my first ever signature.
Please, everyone, keep abusing me. I need the motivation to get to writing out and citing all the literature. I suffer from nasty bouts of procrastination.
I have more hair on my head, so I took it as an indirect insult.
I like probe thermometers for larger cuts like that. Just be sure not to take the probe out of the roast until you have let the meat rest for a good while. Otherwise, you'll lose precious juices.
You are being such a wretchedly, offensively odious, stench of an asshole right now, Crane. I can't understand it. My actions, which I put in place based off of my own personal experience and supporting scientific evidence, all are evidence of the validity of my hypothesis! We are not trying to deal with grizzly bears in the wild. OK? Where you would think that this somehow compares to dealing with a fellow human being, I haven't the slightest clue. You stinky,...
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum why is coffee cheating? no calories no insulin = all good Well, to qualify as true fasting, nothing but water should enter the body. Caffeine is a stimulant; it impacts the state of the milieu intérieur. Of course, if you find you perform better with a bit of caffeine, it's all about whatever works best for you. Personally, I enjoy a nice bit of heavy cream in mine. Though, I do drink black every now...
My own personal hypothesis is based off of the scientific evidence, you stinky, smelly asshole, you. Crane, have patience; I will make this all very clear to you soon enough.
One of the issues of the science of the brain, and even obesity (yes, had to go there) is that everyone has been so convinced of their own schtick for so long. No one is willing to admit they may have been wrong. Well, guess what? Take a look around--make a simple observation of the current state of America--because you have. It's a common trait amongst our population, as exemplified greatly by this thread. The difference is, I'm willing to be wrong. Are you? I am...
That's not a contradiction. I am only saying that confrontation can always be avoided because that is the basis of my hypothesis. What I am not certain about is if my hypothesis is necessarily true--although, until I see convincing evidence stating otherwise (which has yet to happen), I am almost completely assured it to be. I am open to being wrong about my hypothesis. Just give me a good reason.
I don't really do IF anymore, at least not intentionally. I seem to still have pretty good results from just eating when I feel hungry.
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