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I don't really do IF anymore, at least not intentionally. I seem to still have pretty good results from just eating when I feel hungry.
Alice Waters. Her whole demeanor is nauseatingly serene. I like Dan Barber, you prick.
I think it is. My sister lives in Florence; she get's some pretty great produce.
I love vegetables. It just sucks on the East Coast right now; I used to have a much greater variety to choose from. I spoke with a few produce managers and they have expressed their upset that they haven't been able to get as many different kinds, and varietals, as they were last year. A few blamed it on the weather in California. I can't even find a head of frisée around here anymore. All the Farmer's Markets pretty much suck around here, as well; Connecticut hardly...
Probably my best attempt at scrambled eggs to date: I added just a bit of heavy cream to the eggs before going in the pan.
Sorry. I missed that.
Is this tagged a 38 or a 40?
Hate to be that guy. But what's your diet like?
The smell of the anchovies, perchance?
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