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You haven't read any of my work in CE, I gather.
Because they are starting to get it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's My point about the Grizzly Bear was to show you the reality of the animal kingdom. Any study that says animals will not act like an animal in their environment is full of shit. That means your animal studies are useless to support your hypothesis. They aren't useless in the slightest. Again, this will become apparent in due time. Quote: Your actions on the other hand support my claim that your...
To be precise, though. If more were hugged, we'd have less "soul-crushing" behavior on this forum, in the first place.
Quote: Originally Posted by philosophe This thread reaffirms my commitment to the Ignore List. Skipping mm's posts made it all more bearable. Quit spreading your ignorance. We were having a moment, here. Get out of this thread, you stinky asshole.
^ Insight: you possess.
You know what I love about this moment? Everything.
Why are you so angry?
Yeah, I use the lip test with fish. Never thought to do it with a large roast, though. Will have to try that out.
Nope, Piob. You're 100% sure you're right.
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