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Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Listen, you were given instructions on how to modify your behaviour, and what the consequences would be if you didn't. You are trying to get yourself banned so you can salve some part of your psyche that it wasn't "you" it was "them." And there we go. "Giving instructions" doesn't work. Why not ask me why I feel the way I do, like I have advocated for. Compassionate curiosity? Maybe then you would begin...
Ban me, then. If you aren't willing to listen to my message, I will simply find the people in this world that are. I won't sacrifice my principles and ideals for any of you.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Dude, J warned you to not post in this thread until you can provide this "evidence." You keep posting anyways. As far as I am concerned you are asking for it at this point. I'll post it when I can, if I'm not banned before then. The only reason I keep engaging here is because I really don't feel any science is necessary to show someone how to be a human being. It's nothing science needs to tell you. Science...
Quote: Originally Posted by cross22 Why would you deliberately get yourself banned from CE rather than provide some of the scientific evidence that you have been promising? I stated earlier that I would have my science up by later tonight, or tomorrow. I stated: I am not a machine. It takes time to go through it all, pick the most salient research, and present it in a non-technical manner. I stated: I will do my best to do this in a timely...
You all realize nothing I have done has caused this anger and frustration? That's all coming from yourself. I've remained calm throughout this entire discussion...up until now.
Wake up. I know you are all better than this.
Yeah, I'm trolling. I know you don't really believe that to be true. What that individual stated was exactly what I had addressed a few posts prior. The inability, and unwillingness to acknowledge, and to understand what is a universal truth in us all. They are no longer human beings; they have become people.
Go ahead, then: pull the trigger, j. Justify yourself with your own unwillingness to understand yourself. From the history of others banned on this site, it wouldn't be the first time.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Come on, dude. At least know who doesn't deserve your bile. You know what, Matt? Go fuck yourself. I'd expect that least from you than of anyone.
If I get banned, I will loose all the respect I once had for this forum and the members on it.
New Posts  All Forums: