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ygpm re: jlc
do you ship to HK?
man... so much hate in this thread! anyways, i'm free if anyone is interested in meeting up - and i do like chinese food / food
i'm a terrible dresser, but live in HK now and wouldn't mind gawking at you fine gentlemen. wait, that just sounded wrong...
2nd if the first sale falls through!
what colors do you have in the medium?
hi, where in northern jersey are you located? i'm interested and can take a look anytime tomorrow or after. thanks!
Ho All - I'm going to be moving to HK in August and was wondering if anyone here have any recommendation for housing. My budget is around 15,000 HKD a month for a studio or 1 bedroom (its just for me). Also, I noticed a lot of rentals come furnished, in comparison, is it worth shipping my furniture over? Thanks!
Btw, I went to school down the st from you at Emory... Go atl!!
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