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Got one of these: And I've been drooling over this one for a while now: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean: myke
That's unacceptable. I'd return them and get the proper replacements. myke
They've got another one, but in grey: Hmm, which color to get... myke
No need. Dry clean AFTER alterrations. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by forsbergacct2000 Confident, yes. Superior, no. Ditto. My suit is like a suit of armor. I feel indestructible, if that makes any sense myke
Quote: Originally Posted by Mild Mannered I suppose in California that would qualify as an overcoat, but technically it is a trench coat. If you wore that for any prolonged period of time in our Canadian winters, you'd freeze to death. For your needs, it looks just fine. Yeah, living in SoCal, I don't need anything too warm or bulky. Never gets too cold here myke
Thinking of buying my first overcoat. Saw this one at Banana Republic for $200: I like the color, pretty versatile. I also like the length, and how it stops above the knees. Any thoughts on this piece? myke
Foo dresses nice, but Dan T is in a league of his own. Dan T should win without a doubt. Some of the other entries were not even close. Hmm, I'm seriously considering entering next year. How do you enter Foo? myke
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 I waited a long time to get into chukkas but am really glad I did as they are very versatile. Joseph Cheaney chukka: When the sole gives out on these I'm having it replaced with Dainite for even more versatility These are VERY nice. Wish I could get some myke
Kinda tacky. If I ever get them done, it'll be in a place where it can't be seen unless I took off my shirt. myke
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