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From last night... suit is dark brown: myke
I like the shape of the C&J Lowndes better. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by mrscrouge 2nd waywt post!. went out for valentines yesterday (to avoid the chaos of today). behold once again the iphone mirror shots, better quality pics will come one day.. p.s still havent havent switched to black buttons/taken in the waist The coat looks nice, but those jeans have to go. Switch to a slim, dark, raw denim without all the fake fading effect. myke
too much break should've gotten 2 rear pockets for symmetry I prefer a slimmer pant leg, especially from the knees down shirt is baggy as hell (look at all the excess fabric from the side profile shot) myke
Going sockless today... Beautiful day in So. California... went to a late brunch with some girlfriends of mine at a local neighborhood bar and watched some Laker action. How's this? myke
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del The suit jacket is very nice IMO For some reason, the sleeves on that suit jacket seem REALLY fitted myke
Holy shit, some of you guys spend a lot of money on some shirts Spending as much as $500 for a SHIRT??? I spend $35-$40 a shirt from TM Lewin + $16/per shirt for tailoring. Hasn't failed me yet myke
I finally got them in the other day. They are darker in person (seller probably used flash which made them way lighter than they really are): They fit like a glove and I love 'em! myke
License Credit card Debit card Work ID I hate bulk. myke
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