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Going sockless today... Beautiful day in So. California... went to a late brunch with some girlfriends of mine at a local neighborhood bar and watched some Laker action. How's this? myke
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del The suit jacket is very nice IMO For some reason, the sleeves on that suit jacket seem REALLY fitted myke
Holy shit, some of you guys spend a lot of money on some shirts Spending as much as $500 for a SHIRT??? I spend $35-$40 a shirt from TM Lewin + $16/per shirt for tailoring. Hasn't failed me yet myke
I finally got them in the other day. They are darker in person (seller probably used flash which made them way lighter than they really are): They fit like a glove and I love 'em! myke
License Credit card Debit card Work ID I hate bulk. myke
Here's my denim entry: myke
Looks like there's too much material around the hip/thigh area causing a billowing effect. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by Last Year's Man those jeans look a little teenagery to me, I always think looks like this look much better with plain indigo jeans without any fake fading and tearing - you wouldn't want any other item of clothing to look broken. This. Go with plain, dark, slim fitting denim. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 that upper-thigh looks tight. Feels fine. I've seen people here wear tighter shit. myke
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