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Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust X-post WAYWRN Very nice. Which model is this one? myke
Quote: Originally Posted by Yet123 NO one, even at a conservative bank, will give a shit. /thread This. Who gives a shit whether your lapels are peak or notch? myke
Quick dinner with an old girlfriend: myke
Who cares? Nobody else is going to care if the patterns don't line up perfectly anymore. myke
I spit shine all my shoes myself at home. This is usually how they turn out: myke
Quick dinner with an old girlfriend: myke
Btw, this new watch will just be a beater watch I can wear to work and take on trips around the world. In that case, if it ever gets lost or stolen, I won't be too bummed out. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by TimelesStyle I think you want a Rolex and should save up for a real one. There's always one with a smart ass comment like this No thanks, I don't feel like spending that kind of money on a watch right now. myke
Looking to buy a Steinhart GMT Ocean-1 watch. Either in black bezel: or the Pepsi blue/red bezel: What do you guys think of this watch? Which is better looking? Black or pepsi bezel? I'm kinda partial to the black bezel, just looks more of a classic, sleek design. myke
A lot are wearing these kind right now: Not funny myke
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