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Quote: Originally Posted by srivats C&J Hayling on 366 last -- (clickable) pics from AFPOS Wow, those are really nice. Where would someone from the USA be able to buy those? myke
If your tuxedo shirt has a fly fron, then it's ok to go without cummerbund. If your shirt has spaces for shirt studs, then you'll need a cummerbund to cover the last buttonholes without the studs. Cummerbund is more traditional than without. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Overall very good. A tuxedo shirt should only have three stud holes. Your cummerbund looks quite low as well; it can be barely be seen when the jacket is buttoned. So if you lift the cummerbund up it would cover up that last stud hole. The tuxedo shirt I bought had 4 stud holes Quote: Originally Posted by FLW I generally like the look. Yes, it is slim, but I'm guessing that is what...
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer jacket sleeves are WAY too tight for my taste Myke. It's all preference, but I think with my frame, I pull it off well. myke
My sister's wedding is coming up in a couple of weeks. I am going to be part of the wedding ceremony and I was told a month prior the wedding that I needed to wear a tuxedo. Never owned one, and I'm really opposed to renting, so I went out and bought one. This is what I ended up with after some tailoring And a couple of James Bond poses for good measure So how'd I do? You guys think I'm ready to rock some bridesmaids...
$600-$700 is my limit when it comes to a really nice pair of shoes. Most of mine only cost about $400-$450 though. C&J benchgrades. myke
I ended up getting both anyway myke
Problem solved. Bought both as a birthday present to myself myke
I guess the only real way to solve this dilemma is to get both myke
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