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$600-$700 is my limit when it comes to a really nice pair of shoes. Most of mine only cost about $400-$450 though. C&J benchgrades. myke
I ended up getting both anyway myke
Problem solved. Bought both as a birthday present to myself myke
I guess the only real way to solve this dilemma is to get both myke
The only other thing that is holding me back is that I have not had any shoes with the Loake 026 last, which these shoes are made on. I guess there's only one way to find out. myke
Thinking of getting a pair of new casual boots, looking at these two: Herring Ilford in oiled suede Herring Stratford chestnut calf I want them both, but which one to get first? myke
Updated with pics of my actual shoes. myke
I have 3 pairs of black polished shoes that I have to choose from to wear with my tuxedo. 1. Plain toe wholecuts 2. Plain toe derby 3. Cap toe oxford Kind of an emergency. I have a wedding coming up and I don't have time to buy new shoes. Which of these is the lesser of 3 evils? myke
Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust C & J Edgware - one of the dubious advantages of living in Manhattan is that there is now a C & J store on W. 56th St. - good for my style, bad for my credit rating. Oh cool, I didn't recognize them at first, but I actually have the same Edgwares in brown Too many shoes too keep track of myke
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