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Jesus, they all look the same, get whatever fits your foot and your budget best. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Thanks. So do I. Who makes these? Very nice. myke
+1 Don't rent. Buy. myke
BOTH PANTS ARE SOLD. I've had to clear up some closet space, so these trousers are up for sale. Both pairs are BNWT and never been worn. I accept Paypal only. Shipping: Prices include US shipping. Unfortunately, International USPS are through the roof. Please add $15 for Canada, $25 for Europe, $30 for Asia/Australia. I only ship via USPS priority mail shipping. Price is $55 shipped for one pair, or take both pairs for $100 shipped. Item #1 BNWT Mabitex "Mainero...
Sister's wedding in Las Vegas... myke
I went on a little shopping spree last month as a birthday present to myself Bought some shoes: And some dress shirts. First two are tuxedo shirts for my sister's wedding in 2 weeks. New watch: Also got a new tuxedo: myke
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer Quite frankly, I do. I love the look of the leather sole, even when worn. Something classy about it. Good thing I aim to please myself and not other people myke
I get all my leather soled shoes Topy'd My cobbler does an excellent job and who the hell cares what the soles of my shoes look like anyway? I find that Topy significantly increase the grip and traction of the shoe, without any changes in its flexibility. It's also so thin anyway that you don't notice from the side profile. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats C&J Hayling on 366 last -- (clickable) pics from AFPOS Wow, those are really nice. Where would someone from the USA be able to buy those? myke
If your tuxedo shirt has a fly fron, then it's ok to go without cummerbund. If your shirt has spaces for shirt studs, then you'll need a cummerbund to cover the last buttonholes without the studs. Cummerbund is more traditional than without. myke
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