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Definitely lose the undershirt. Then shirt fabric will "fall" better on your body. myke
Looks fine to me. But then again, not everyone is comfortable wearing clothes that fitting. I personally think it looks nice. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by DandySF It would be useful to find the age groups that recommend brass vs. horn. I can't see a young guy finding brass to be all that cool, even if it's the conventional choice. My compromise has been silver tone, although for my next one I'm considering switching the buttons for horn. So if it means anything, I am 31 years old. So I'm not super young, but not gray haired either. myke
And definitely no horn buttons, I want to keep it somewhat of a tradition by using metal buttons. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by Erenoth I'm fond of the silver oxide as well, but a gold-toned brass would be the proper, classic match-up for a classically cut deep navy blazer. Could you provide more information on the blazer itself? A photo would be great. Here's a picture of the blazer that I found (J. Crew Ludlow) I'm leaning towards the silver oxide and dark matte at this point. The gold and regular silver buttons, although are...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Where did you find these buttons? Just did a search for blazer buttons on eBay. myke
Bought a new blazer this past weekend and I'm not digging the regular black buttons it came with. I'm thinking of replacing them with metal buttons, so I've narrowed it down to these four colors: Gold: Silver: Silver oxide: Dark matte: This blazer will be worn from anything from dress pants, to maybe dress it down casually with a nice pair of dark jeans. I'm pretty partial to the silver oxide and dark matte myself, they aren't as...
Payment and PM sent. myke
PM sent. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by emc894 In my opinion, that line of thinking is ridiculous. The Rolex Submariner, Patek Phillipe Calavatra, any single breasted solid suit, antique furniture, nice sheets, and almost any other classic luxury item I can think of all look very similar to their lower priced alternatives. If you can't appreciate the subtlety then I think that's a significant personal problem. If something doesn't look obviously extremely...
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