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Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Depends on how you order them. Mine fit fine. Here's an example, I don't have a better one. Mind you, that was after about 3 hours of wearing it. And one of my earlier orders (pic from WAYWRT): Those are probably the first decent shirts I've seen to have come from MT. myke
Cut them up into some squares and use them to polish your shoes. myke
No offense to anybody, but almost all MT shirts that you guys are posting doesn't look that great. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever been impressed with a single MT shirt that anyone has posted here. Most just look so loose, baggy, and billowy. Just my 2 cents. myke
I only wear TM Lewin shirts. I'll try and get some pics up when I get home. myke
PM sent. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by Makoto Chan Absolutely the Lloyd's. This is an easy one for SF to answer. This. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy but isn't janky a cop? Yep myke
measurements? myke
Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe barranquilla for carnaval, which wll be happening in that time frame. Saw that and I'm seriously considering it. myke
Subscribing to this thread. I'll be in Japan for 8 days for the first part of April this year. Hopefully just in time for the cherry blossom festival. myke
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