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Quote: Originally Posted by thinman The C&J Ryton is the Tetbury with a floating medallion. They're rare, but I've seen them on ebay. Oh lord, those Rytons are NICE myke
What do you guys think about this one? I just picked up a dark brown one... myke
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker You are stylin' Myke! Is that Nicki Minaj? No effin' clue who that girl was. She was interviewing Shaq though myke
Quote: Originally Posted by Thanks SF (a new me) I would say narrow..your average foot..Not sure if this answer your question..Thanks I'd go with 6UK myke
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep Before you ticket them, just mention that you post pictures of yourself on the Internet for other men to critique. It will immediately put them at ease. P.S. What do you ride? 2007 BMW R1200RT-P They wouldn't let me ride this: Or these: myke
It was fucking cold last night so I wore this mask. Pulled over a few people and walked up to their cars looking like this. I wonder if I freaked them out myke
What does RRL stand for anyway? Yes, I am being serious myke
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler Some people don't like how the Flat Head back pocket arcuates look. Those are the people suggesting that you remove them. No other benefit other than cosmetic, if that's how you feel about the arcs. I personally feel ok with them on. Taking them off is just too nit picky if you ask me. Quote: Originally Posted by uNiCoRnPriNcEsSx i think he was being sarcastic No I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Designated_D Doesn't the cop on the left post here??? WTF! Where'd you find this? That was me working a VIP gig this past Saturday Actually, I've hung out with Shaq before. Really cool dude EDIT: Found another one Sucks they don't get a shot of my 6-shot S&W 686 6" revolver myke
Quote: Originally Posted by sacredblue Absolutely right. That's the first thing I did with my new FHs. A good pair of scissors and tweezers will do it too if you take your time. What is the benefit/purpose of doing that? Seriously. myke
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