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Who or what the hell is NORE? myke
Got these BNIB BB Peal & Co. wholecuts from eBay for $200 shipped: What do you guys think of the shoe? Did I do good? myke
PM sent myke
PM sent. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by maineratheart are there pics? You can't see the pics? myke
SOLD. Thanks SF! myke
So I hot soaked the jeans in my bathtub for about an hour. Let them hang dry and this is how they turned out: I really love they way the fit turned out :love: I am definitely keeping the back pocket stitching, I really don't see the point of taking them out. Before I hot soaked the pants, I thought they were way too long and I was going to get them hemmed. But after they dried, I noticed that they shrank in length. I think I'll just keep them the way they are. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by PandArts rejoining All The Madmen... This is what a man in a suit should look like. Fucking perfect. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman The C&J Ryton is the Tetbury with a floating medallion. They're rare, but I've seen them on ebay. Oh lord, those Rytons are NICE myke
What do you guys think about this one? I just picked up a dark brown one... myke
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