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Haven't posted in this site for a while, but here it goes... It's somewhat a chilly spring day in SoCal myke
Go for it. I own a couple myself. myke
Fame is calling. I am leaving my current job to pursue my music career myke
Still waiting on my tailor to finish it.Will post pics as soon as I get it back.myke
I personally like the old format better. myke
I'm actually thinking of sending some ties into TieCrafters myself to get narrowed. Will post results when i do end up doing it. myke
I went to a local fabric store and picked up some of these buttons: They are silver, but not so flashy. They were really cheap too, about $9 for the whole set. What do you guys think? myke
Definitely lose the undershirt. Then shirt fabric will "fall" better on your body. myke
Looks fine to me. But then again, not everyone is comfortable wearing clothes that fitting. I personally think it looks nice. myke
Quote: Originally Posted by DandySF It would be useful to find the age groups that recommend brass vs. horn. I can't see a young guy finding brass to be all that cool, even if it's the conventional choice. My compromise has been silver tone, although for my next one I'm considering switching the buttons for horn. So if it means anything, I am 31 years old. So I'm not super young, but not gray haired either. myke
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