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Went to a play with the gf today. It was a nice spring day in S. California, time for some color myke
Peal & Co kicks paired with Peter Jones socks: myke
Beautiful day, so I rode my Vespa in to work today. Doing my part to help the environment, one gallon at a time myke
Haven't posted in this site for a while, but here it goes... It's somewhat a chilly spring day in SoCal myke
Go for it. I own a couple myself. myke
Fame is calling. I am leaving my current job to pursue my music career myke
Still waiting on my tailor to finish it.Will post pics as soon as I get it back.myke
I personally like the old format better. myke
I'm actually thinking of sending some ties into TieCrafters myself to get narrowed. Will post results when i do end up doing it. myke
I went to a local fabric store and picked up some of these buttons: They are silver, but not so flashy. They were really cheap too, about $9 for the whole set. What do you guys think? myke
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