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It's lined with flannel, but it's not thick at all. It's exactly as you said "winter in the south" type of jacket.I wouldn't want to wear just this jacket in snowy conditions, as it won't keep you that warm.
I am 6'0" tall, and I went with a size S. I tried on the size M at first, but it was a little too loose for my liking. Even the sales guy recommended I size down, and I'm glad I did.
Maybe it's the way I'm standing, but my tummy feels good, not tight at all.
Just recently, I was looking for a brown leather jacket (to wear casually, and when actually riding my motorcycle). I visited the local Schott store here in Los Angeles to try some on. I tried the 141 at first, but the brown color was super dark, that it looked black. I wasn't really digging the color. Then the salesguy showed me the 530, and the brown color was awesome. I ended up getting it. Here are some pics: Fully zipped up: Jacket unzipped: Most of my...
Bag has held up quite well after all these years.I still use it all the time, and the leather is still in excellent shape.Highly recommended.
I already own some Loake Chester shoes in tan (Click here > LINK), but I have always wanted some tan colored country brogue boots. So far, I've narrowed it down to these two: Loake Fisher: Loake Bedale: They look almost the same, main difference being the natural/light colored welt, and also the commando sole on the Fishers. Should I get the Fishers to change it up a bit, since the Bedales look too similar to my current Chesters? I like the Bedales too, since...
John Bunnell (host on that show World's Wildest Police Videos) was in town today filming some short clips for his next show. Got paid overtime and got to hang out and shot some video clips with him and his crew all day. He was a REALLY cool dude and his crew were great to work with :yup: Btw, I'm not a SWAT guy by far, but they had me put on the gear for a scene we did Watch out for me next season myke
Brand new, never worn. These have been in storage in my closet, just trying to make some room. Still in original box, although the box has seen better days. $150 shipped CONUS. Paypal gift preferred, otherwise add 4%. PM me if interested. Thanks for looking! myke
Rimowas are nice, but you've gotta be ready to spend top dollar for them
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