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Hi. Still on a hunt for a nice Hermes wallet. I saw this on ebay. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this one is authentic. Ebay Item number is 271338052670. Link is: Thanks for your help. David
Hi. I am looking for a used Hermes wallet (bifold) with a preference for black or brown that is in good condition. Would look at other colors as well. I would also consider another style. I am hoping to get something under $250-300. Please feel free to contact me here or through email at Thanks. David
I really appreciate this everyone. I should have known too good to be true. Is it possible to get a used one in the $150-200 range in black or brown. Sorry i I have posted in the wrong category. I am glad I asked the question.
Interesting. Should have realized too good to be true. I am hoping to get a used one in the $150 to $200 range. Something like this but in black or brown. Just wanted to mention in case someone has one they want to sell. (that is authentic of course). David
Thanks. I really appreciate the feedback.
Good point. Just always wanted a Hermes wallet at a reasonable price. At the same time, I would much rather have black or brown.
Hi. I was looking at the Hermes wallet listed here. I was wondering if you guys feel this is authentic or not. I really appreciate the help. David
I was wondering for those of you that have snow during the winter months.... Do you wear old shoes to work or just leave a pair of good shoes at work or do you wear the shoe covers. I find when going out to meet clients for example it at a restaurant during the winter months it can be awkward as you don't want to wreck your good shoes but on the other hand you don't want to come in carrying a pair of shoes and wearing boots. Lately, I have just started wearing shoe covers...
For Steak, Gibby's is very good. I have gone there a couple of times on business. I agree Schwartz is great for Montreal smoked meat. I have also been to Cafe Fereira for seafood which was fantastic. I am going in a couple of days and I am trying Cafe Europa which I was told is fantastic as well. i hope this helps. David
Just wanted to say that although I have only been on this board for a relatively short period compared to a lot of you that I have had a great time. I really appreciate a lot of the posts. I look forward to the lists that RJman posts. I agree that SF is amazing. David
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