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I've got a pair of Flathead F380's that I bought in NYC, soaked once and hemmed but never wore and am at a point where I'd rather someone who can make good use of them have them rather than them hang in my closet any longer. They are in GREAT shape. Measurements: Outseam : 99cm - 39inches Inseam: 75cm - 30inches Rise: 27cm - 10.6inches Waist: 39cm - 15.4inches Leg Open: 21cm - 8.3inches 220US plus shipping please. Thanks! Feel free...
As are a pair of Quoddy x 3Sixteen boat chukkas size 9, worn lightly. $120 plus shipping!!
these are still available!
I posted this a long time there something I'm doing wrong? These are a great pair of jeans for a great price..... Hit me up if you are interested and want me to send you further pics Cheers, a.volta
payment sent!!
can you pm me regarding the inseam? thanks
anyone? i'm legit, jeans are legit. if anyone has any questions please ask!
i'm looking to sell my flathead 380's size 30, unworn, hotsoaked, hemmed to a 30inseam and bought at self edge. nothing wrong with them, just not my fit, and i've been trying to sell these for a while so drop me a line. cheers
if anyone wants or knows someone that's looking for a pair of flathead 380's, unworn, hotsoaked and hemmed to a 30 inseam, drop me a line...i've been trying to sell these for quite some time now....they were bought at self edge. thanks!
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