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Any other stockists have the navy parka in S?
Some outerwear pieces in the f/w12 collection look promising. Any idea what the short sleeve henley s/s12 material is like? Is it anything like the f/w11 long sleeve ones? Those henleys were quite thin and were short too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fahim. We're waiting on our model to become available, but they should be up by the end of this week/early next week. I'll post an update when they are up. Hey Fahim, Any chance of a re-stock on Polos (more specifically, the one with the red colourway)? I was literally 2 minutes away from placing an order for a Small and it was gone
Quote: Originally Posted by Fahim. Our latest delivery is now available online. Can be viewed here. Any chance of a restock on this colourway? I was a minute away from buying the one in Small but someone bought it after I wanted to check out.
You're okay with the medium.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ideefixee My god, man. Are you one of those button whores who walk around at night just to be in their button-arrayed jacket? No offense to you; I just don't quite understand it. I'm awfully confused.
Doc Marten 8 eyelet in black nappa. Yay/nay? I need a versatile fall/winter boot that can withstand a lot of rain and snow/ice. It needs to be cheap, too. For $100, I don't see why not? Reviews on the made in china quality? New peacoat, London line! Yesssss
Quote: Originally Posted by CityHunter I, too, am visiting Vancouver in early September! I've been trying to do some research on the matter, but as far as shopping goes I plan to look into: Inventory Roden Gray Haven Gravity Pope Nouvelle Nouvelle Lark Old Faithful Shop I visited Vancouver last year and was only able to make it to Roden Gray and Lark. Jonathan + Olivia was also a great shop, but I hear has shut down since I last visited ...
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