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I've been using a Kent clothes brush on my wool coat, and I noticed on the white bristles small black threads. Does this mean the clothes brush is removing the threads, and if so wouldn't this be bad over the long run for the coat?
I've never bought something from him before, but he's been selling stuff here for quite a while, and it's always very costly stuff. I figure if he was trying to fake people out, he'd be shut down long ago.
Is it okay to use clothes brushes or lint removing brushes on flannel or baize cloth coats? Wouldn't the more "thready" and "furry" nature of the cloth lead to threads being pulled out by the brush? I used a lint brush on a black baize cloth coat once, and while the coat looked fine, there were all these black hairs left on the brush afterwards.
Isn't this a 3-button 2.5 roll? Thus the suit is styleforum approved!
With the onset of cold and strong winds, I have found my ears get cold quite quickly. Aside from earmuffs, I cannot think of a good way to keep ones' ears warm. Ideas?
Did you see the full comment that Lee had written? He called the new poster a "fucking retard" who needed to stop getting "spoonfed" everything. I think Vikingfan's retort was fully in line, Jos A Banks or no Jos A Banks. Lets try to be nice to the new members.
It was somewhat of both, but not too bad. Mainly it was the length. The length in the other brands was perfect! I was hoping I could depend on yoox for all my short-sized needs. But the Armani was just too long.
Thanks for the advice. I was thinking though that Armani would make stuff larger for America but then have slimmer shorter stuff for the European market. I'd read on the forum that other brands (like caruso and cantarelli) are sacks in America but slim suits in Europe. So I assumed something similar for the more mainstream brands.
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