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It was rlbl (I'm not Brioni level yet). I paid about $120, so it definitely hurts. Yeah the opposite may be true, the cloth shrank but the stitching did not. I re-ironed it and it is somewhat improved, but still noticeable. However thank you for the kind words.
So I accidentally threw in my best dress shirt into the dryer after a wash with my other laundry . There is now noticeable wrinkling around the stitching along the shoulder and back. Even worse, the entire button placket has become wrinkled. I tried rewashing and then ironing while wet to no avail. It seems that the thread of the stitching has shrunk while the cloth has remained mostly unshrunken. Any possible recommendations would be appreciated!
Shoot, nevermind just tried it on, and it shrank >.<. Cold wash, air dry and it still shrank like crazy. Some midget's going to find a nice sweater at goodwill. But thanks for the advice anyways guys.
So I stupidly washed my lambswool sweater in the washing machine. And now it's full of sweater fuzz. (I believe it's called "fulling"). Would a sweater stone or sweater shaver work? I'm worried a stone or lint remover would simply unravel the entire sweater. Or is this a lost cause...
Thanks for the advice guys. The links were advertised as new without box, so I guess my expectations for newness should be a little lower? If they had been banging around some outlet for a while, it seems like these sort of imperfections should be expected.
I just received a pair of sterling silver cufflinks from an online seller. They were advertised as new, however when I received them there was some noticeable tarnish on the clasp and a bit on the face, as well as some almost imperceptible scratches on the flat face. My question is, do you think these were used? I have no experience with silver.
Great news! Thanks guys.
Yeah, that's what I was wondering, how exactly is the "wrinkled effect" done. If it's just normal wrinkles I'd assume it'd just come out with an ironing, but if it's something more permanent...
Well I like everything about them, except for the wrinkled effect. And as you know, yoox doesn't have the greatest selection at this stage of the sale period, so all that are left in the style I want are wrinkled.
I've seen a few jeans on yoox that are pre-wrinkled, and I was just wondering if the wrinkles could be taken out?
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