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Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Well then he's wrong. Guess he is.
So am I correct in assuming this is something one would NOT want to happen to a jacket? The Ask Andy poster seemed to insinuate that a 3-3 is designed to alter to a 3-2.5 over time.
I think the guy was talking about a Brioni, which I assume is a pretty soft canvass.
I was poking around the Ask Andy Forum, and somebody said a straight 3-button suit will roll to a 2.5 over time if it is fully canvassed. Any truth to this?
Does anybody have any experience or knowledge of the Via Veneto model? Especially how the shoulder is relative to other models? I'm looking to buy it off ebay but I don't think the seller has much experience with measuring. Also is this a straight up 3-roll or 3-roll-2.5 ....was kinda hoping Brioni doesn't make straight up 3 button blazers. http://cgi.ebay.com/BNWT-BRIONI-NAVY...item7912b8f367 Thanks for the help.
http://www.shopthefinest.com/Items/KF1996 Granted I have zero experience with shell, these look shiny enough to be. However, there seem to be hairline creases so maybe not?
Found these on shopthefinest http://www.shopthefinest.com/Items/KF1996 They seem shinier than normal; however I think I see some hairline creases so maybe not?
Anybody have experience with Paoloni's fit? Thanks!
Sue me, I want to try an Armani suit despite the anti-armani sentiment.
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