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Quote: Originally Posted by hc4thehc If the Diors didn't have that tag on the glasses I would've bought... Good luck with the eBay sales!.. If you mean the tag on the lens, that comes off...
I guess I'll have to look elsewhere...
Hmm thanks for the input guys.
I was skimming through some stuff and noticed every single leather item with a crocodile print was called "leather" and then the description below stated it was "crocodile print". Is everything just printed leather or does anybody have experience getting real croc goods?
Quote: Originally Posted by antirabbit are these full canvass? +1
So I'm probably going to get flamed here, but I was wondering if it was possible to dye a moleskin cotton suit from white to something a little darker without destroying it.
To clear my good name, I mentioned the pattern at the top of the post already, and my pic was from the original poster as I noted as well. I just added a closeup of the fabric for those requesting it. Minor, and probably only price drop so I can post this.
Got this from seller C&A but it's a little big on me. His measurements were spot on but I guess I was wrong on what I could fit. Original post: It's got the sleeve tag and basting still, but the store tag was taken off to avoid customs. Charcoal with super subtle pin-dot. Measurements and pics courtesy of C&A $750 +shipping (probably around $12 but pm me)>$740 SOLD Shoulders 17" (Measures a lot smaller than it actually...
you're welcome. I assume you don't get compliments like that too often.
Quote: Originally Posted by elegantgentleman By the time it rolls down to a 2.5, the full 3-button suits will be back in fashion, and you'll be crying about it. Your thread in the future: "How to make 2.5 into 3?" You sure are quite the gentleman
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