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Since we have black hair and more olive complexions, what do you think is a better color for a leather jacket?
On the aero website, they say their jackets are featured in many films. I tried to email them but they haven't gotten back to me. Anybody happen to know which ones?
I'm about 5' 7" and I was wondering what jacket length other people my height wear. I'm still struggling with the proper length but for me it seems to be around 29". My last tailor shortened a jacket to 28.5" which felt too short, but it's really difficult to get a gauge of your own suit length even with a mirror. Using the height/2-4 I get 29.5"...I have shortish arms and legs.
Thanks for the info guys. Are suits still being made under the Maco name?
Does anybody know how they compare to caruso's other lines? Also is this name still used or has it been discontinued. Thanks
I'm surprised nobody's said this yet, considering this is the internet. Maybe some Asian's don't get into leadership positions because they look different. There's a reason there's affirmative action. Let's not pretend racism doesn't still exist.
I purchased a pair of glassed from the optometrist two days ago, and just noticed that the coating on a small area on the side of the frame (they were metal frames with i assume some kind of protectant coating) is starting to peel. On one hand I feel like it is a fairly small issue in the grand scheme of things; however the frames were quite expensive and the peeling is bothering me and could get worse. Thoughts on if it would be proper to request a replacement?
Decided to add a photo
Quote: Originally Posted by R-H People that are lazy and expect other members to compile information on their behalf deserve to be ridiculed. e.g I'm new to style and want someone to list everything I need for work. 6', 23 and work in an office. kthx. threads Why not just ignore them? And to be honest I've never seen a post like that
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