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I've recently come across some Belvest suits online that do not have the inner sewn label (that usually says Belvest Tailoring Style). The inner pocket maker tag is the same as other belvest suits, and it comes with the white cardboard belvest tag attached to the buttonhole and the sleeve. Why would they be missing the the sewn label?
Seems like my potential buyer may have outed me for having a second profile (used it to keep my seller profile a separate entity, I guess I didn't read the rules carefully when I joined back in '09). The mods have been stand up gentlemen about the issue, but I must bid adieu.
Does anybody else think this is poor etiquette? This really grinds my gears. It's essentially making the seller counter his own offer imho. I feel like the seller has already made an offer by setting his price, and it's up to the buyer to make a counter offer. I had one buyer ask how low I could go and I stupidly gave him another offer. Then he gave me a range of $100 he might consider, but still refused to give an actual number. I told him to make me an offer instead. So...
I think it hits most of these reqs
Thanks Dapp, brossian can you elaborate?
It possibly is too long...?
Thanks for the feedback, to be honest I agree it's not super stylishly slim fitting, however it is my understanding parkas can be somewhat roomy?
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