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Yeah well eventually I let all the insults (and they were, come on guys no need to be snarky to try and justify it) get to me. Wish I had tougher skin, but I don't. Mother passed away a couple of months ago and still been dealing with it, so that may be a factor.
I'm not sure calling one an "asshole" and a "fool" and the myriad of other insults is necessary.Thanks everybody for making my day. Styleforum rocks.
Wow why are you getting your panties in such a bunch?It's very common to be able to return something. That's pretty basic american commerce. Not just the big box stores. The majority of individual sellers on ebay, small mom and pop stores. They have return policies.Normally what happens? Somebody buys something. You package it up, spend 30min on USPS printing a label, treck to the post office drop it off. Then he returns it, and you have to go to the trouble of getting the...
Yeah but wouldn't you prefer a brand new with tags Isaia over one that was used and worn and sweated in that sells for the same price? There's a reason used suits go for 200-300 less than NWT on the greymarket. And if you discovered you could get the exact same suit NWT, wouldn't you do your best to cancel your previous order?
I'm sorry did I offend you?
Hmm I'll consider that...seems kind of extreme though.
Thanks! Some useful advice. I'll give that a shot.Breakaway: Shame on you you've only been on this site for 4 months and you're already a snarky ass, that should only happen after you've been here a few yrs
Not what you're saying No need to state the obvious that I'm in a predicament of course. Anybody have real advice?
So I went on ebay, tried to buy a used suit. Ended up paying directly through paypal since the buyer and I couldn't agree on a best offer through ebay (the seller messaged me to suggest doing this so he could avoid ebay fees). This was Monday (yesterday). And then I found almost the exact same suit nwt. The seller hadn't shipped it out yet (he said he wouldn't get it out until thursday or friday). But he had slipped in a note on the paypal invoice he sent me that there...
LOL necro bump. That suit was sold half a year ago. I think "holy grail" was due to the fact it was a new with tags solid navy 3-piece suit in a small size from a top end maker (of course RTW, resale value of bespoke is pretty limited) for $400-500...those things never go on sale.
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