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Thanks! Could you button the APC PS when you bought them, or did you have to stretch them for the top button?Cheers, Alex
Right so I bought a pair of APC New standards, and I really like them but the 3sixteen jeans are just too sexy so I plan to get a pair of ST-120x (they look bloody amazing!) between now and Christmas. I got the APCs in a 30" waist, I could do them up straight away but they were pretty uncomfortable, stretched out quickly within a couple of days and now 3 months later I wear them with a belt to stop more stretching. I'm not sure whether to get the 29" or 30" from 3sixteen...
Quote: Originally Posted by williamcmoran Arkarian, I would take a look on ebay using the keywords vintage engineer boots or vintage motorcycle boots. You should be able to find something you like on there for a price that you can be happy with. Best of luck. Also, this isn't the correct section to post this type of thing. You will get your thread locked or get yourself banned. Oh crap about the location =/ thanks for the advice. I'll...
On the Doctor Who tour and several of the confidential episodes Matt is shown wearing the boots from this picture, Does anyone have any idea where they come from? I've been trawling the internet and some high street stores for something similar but the closest things I can find are way out of my budget at £400 by Fiorentini+Baker. Thanks for the help, Alex
I recently took some Jeffery West shoe's to have the heel re applied and got them back with a dirty great big smear of the brown bonding agent (the stuff used on the sides of the heel" placed discretely just to right of laces on the upper, the smear being about an inch wide and 3 inches long pretty much ruins the look of the shoes so I was wondering if there is a way to remove it. Cheers for all the help, Alex
edit - pointless post sorry
quite possibly but then witches are great at pulling off greens, blacks and purples.
Hey, I'm looking for opinions on these shoes, they are monks with a wingtip design on the front in purple suede. Other images in link. I was thinking to wear them with some black slim or straight leg jeans, something along these lines Though I'm stumped as what to wear as a top, I was thinking a long sleeved casual shirt not tucked in. Thanks ^^
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