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Very tempting, reasurred you both liked them as I thought they looked very nice.
Sirs, I am necessarily (due to my budget) having to build up very slowly a respectable shoe collection. For the summer, I have decided I shall buy a pair of loafers. I had considered a pair of double monks but all the nice ones were rather outside my budget. These would be primarily worn with lighter coloured trousers as I feel black ought to be worn with navy, grey and charcoal. So for example, white and tan. They are the Loake 1880 Fenchurch: What do you...
Either get wholecuts or plain cap-toed oxford. Half brogues and full brogues are not appropriate with morning dress.
It is an Anglican cathedral but I believe the departed was a Roman Catholic.
This is a large funeral at a Cathedral.
I have a funeral to go to on Tuesday and was wondering what traditional funeral attire was. I believe it to be morning dress with a black waistcoat in the same fabric as the jacket instead of the usual buff or dove grey, as well as a black tie, with all other aspects conforming to traditional morning dress (minus the spats, of course). Is this correct?
I've just got no idea. I'm sure I've read it somewhere before but I can't think.
The two inch trouser turn ups fad is ridiculous. Why do people like it? Are you all 6 foot 5 +?
I am not a troll. Read my latest topic for proof.
Sorry I read the topic title as 'coach me on shirt wearing' and responded accordingly. Sorry, lads.
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