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Preferrably cheap, I need some cheap trousers in wool. No I do not think fifty pounds is cheap. Thanks. Oh and where the fuck do I get wool trousers in khaki ? Has anyone used that Samuel Windsor site? I think it could be snides. I just want some bloody trousers and a sports jacket for Christ's sake. Thanks ever so much.
I think a morning coat over that waistocat (or a tie in the same fabric) would look great.
Does anyone have any ideas? I saw this one at Marks & Spencer but I am worried about the narrow lapels: If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know. I am a student and even buying this would be somewhat breaking the bank, but I have had problems with eBay before and am not entirely sure whether I should be a 38R or a 40R. Thanks a bunch.
Is it also worth getting a couple of those Samuel Windsor shoes for when it rains?
Hi, I'm new here. (my my, aren't the Askandy mods harsh? I even bought his damn encyclopaedia!) OK what sports jackets are good for autumn? I take it darker colours, such as a darker olive, or grey, as well as more textured fabrics like herringbone wool would be most appropriate? As for the trousers, wool, dark? Shoes/boots? Dark suede, perhaps?
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