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White trousers used to be very popular. I think Flusser's book mentioned the near ubiquity of white flannels (!) in England in (I think) the 1930s among the monied classes.
Quote: Originally Posted by mouseandcat do they sell non-pleated pants at CT/TM lewin? i thought they all came w/ pleats? (sorry, i haven't checked in a while) The CT suit I liked best was this one: The trousers are flat-front. It also has a two button front and a waistcoat is optional. Looks nice from the pictures on the bloke but I haven't seen it in person.
Quote: Originally Posted by ah_dut I'm pretty much in agreement with Thomas Mahon: for the money I doubt you're going to get a better suit than Marks and Sparks. Is this true? So a £225 suit from M&S is better than a suit at the same price from TM Lewin, Charles Tyrwhitt, etc?
Thanks for the advice but I'm really not sure how that translates to what I am putting into the search engine... what can you suggest?
Quote: Originally Posted by bmf895 Check out the UK equivalent to craigslist (assuming this exists). Buying used is almost always a better value. Most newer (2000-present) entry level bikes were made in Asia using poor quality raw materials. Look for a steel road frame made in the 80s or 90s with little to no rust. Update components (wheels, tires, tubes, brake pads, etc.) as needed. Add wider, knobbier tires if you foresee any off-road use. All of this...
I apologize but there is no chance of my leaving the house without wearing socks. Is it verboten to wear socks with loafers?
Sirs, I would like to buy a new bicycle. I shall use my bicycle mostly on the roads but a little off-roading will not be unknown. I am willing to spend £200 or less on this bicycle and really cannot afford to stretch to more than this price. What bike can you recommend?
Am I allowed to wear white socks with white trousers? Or should I go for a light grey sock? I know that white socks are msotly verboten outside of sportswear but this is the only occasion I can see the 'rule' being supplanted. Ideas?
Quote: Originally Posted by inimitable How about suede? Isn't suede considered autumn fare? I was thinking of picking up some suede chukkas in the autumn (one pair per season is probably my maximum at the moment).
Quote: Originally Posted by juniper I've been thinking about these, but my eye keeps being drawn toward the rectangular stitching detail at either side of the top of the vamp. Don't like it. I don't mind that, it might be a tad ornate but I'm not sure I mind.
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