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If I am wearing shirts unbuttoned (the top button that is), it would have to be a button-down shirt with single cuffs. I also have never liked wearing button-downs with ties and only like to wear wide spread collars buttoned up with a tie. However, I have only been posting here for a while (reading for much longer) so take that for what you will.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wrig just mean i dont want to end up with a business suit or something. A business suit is any suit that isn't black tie, white tie, morning dress or other types of formal or semi-formal dress. I don't know what you're saying.
Don't know... it never really occured to me. Hopefully it's nice weather, I might have my beige linen-cotton sports jacket ready by then, just need to take the sleeves up half an inch and have some nice MOP buttons sewn on.
Mate, if you're going to spend five hundred quid, don't get a black suit! It's not a colour you want in a suit unless it's only used for funerals. Charcoal is the darkest you can go. If you really want something black to wear to a ball, get a dinner jacket and the accompanying trousers (and all the rest of what goes with that). However, if you simply want a nice suit, there are some options. Marks and Spencer is said to be one of the best-value off-the-rack suit...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG Sorry to disappoint, but you didn't. I'm just genuinely suprised and amused that Brits have jokes about Americans' shoes. I'd like to think that, if I got to the point where I was cracking jokes about the shoe preferences of people in a country 4,000 miles away, I would find a new way to occupy my time (perhaps I'd take a up a hobby). One doesn't 'find time' for that sort of thing, it's just a cross-cultural joke...
Morning dress.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG You guys make jokes about our shoes? Don't you have anything better to do? No wonder the Empire collapsed. ooh looks like I rattled your cage.
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman This sounds like bowtielover's son. More educated than father to recognize that 'yea' and 'yay' are two different spellings, but not enough to recognize they're different words or offer sartorial advice. bowtielover offers the worst sartorial advice ever, I am just telling the OP the 'rules' as I believe they exist. There is a joke often said in England that Americans 'wear brown shoes to funerals'. This...
First of all, it is spelt 'yea' and not 'yay'. Secondly, brown shoes are not allowed to be worn with charcoal, medium grey or navy trousers.
Topic. If someone says they are selling a 'tester' that comes in a plain box with no ID, is there any way I can tell if it is a legit Creed GIT or other fragrance? Is it worth taking a chance?
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