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Yes, as long as the tie is not a clip-on and you bring a woman in a black dress.
All these Yanks hate black shoes of any sort.
Never mind.
Hmm... this is the listing: Is it believable? Is there any measure I can take to ensure it's not a fake or to get a refund if it is?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman As with younger sibling Zara, sadly there is currently no e-commerce, so eBay may be your only source - or a call to a store to see if they'll deliver? Good idea. I just looked up rail tickets to Ebbsfleet (for Bluewater) and it's £45 from where I am. Of course, I could go in a little while, but... eh. Yeah I might give them a ring.
Hmm... wonder if there are any online sources for this jacket...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman Im always an advocate for Massimo Dutti (Zara's 'grown up' sister store), and I've recently picked up a perfect spring jacket there for £99.00. It wasn't blue though, but I'm pretty sure they have them. Where did you pick that up, mate? PS I got those buttons you pointed me to on eBay, they go much better with that Uniqlo jacket than the brown plastic ones that come sewn on, so thanks for the headsup...
What material should I be looking at? I am thinking non-linen, so cotton or some sort of wool, maybe mohair? My budget is about £100. I am likely to replace the buttons with some gold-coloured ones as I have got a beige linen-cotton jacket with white MOPs and don't want to look too samey.
TM Lewin has some linen shirts... are there downsides to wearing linen in the warmer months, such as they are in England?
Where is best to get OCBDs? CT have a very limited selection and Lewin's are not much better.
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