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I am pretty sure I am going to make this my signature scent. How should I apply it? Where should I spray and how much etc? How long does it last?
I am pretty sure the CT calf oxford is just a rebadged Aldwych, and considering it's £15 more expensive, I'd go for the Loake, probably from Pediwear as they'll also provide you with some other goodies included in the price.
Quote: Originally Posted by Monaco only looks like a work-shirt or casual older gentleman shirt. What would a younger gentleman wear?
Quote: Originally Posted by ManofKent No idea on the quality, but other stuff I've had from uniqlo has been good for the price. Personally I prefer the green version, but this looks fine for casual summer wear. What would you wear the green with?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kentishman I've found Uniqlo's shirts to be of surprisingly good quality; I'm actually wearing a herringbone weave today and they are fairly thick and super-soft. As an aside, I wore my Uniqlo linen blazer for the first time today and felt the spare buttons in the pocket. When I took them out I was surprised to see the Brook Taverner name all over them. I got the 'regular fit' cotton-linen blazer in beige, and have...
I was thinking a similar sort of thing: wear casual, on a warm day. Thanks chaps: order placed. I will give feedback if anyone is interested. The other design has the colour green in it, so I won't get that one.
I have ordered Oxford shirts from before and have been pleased with them overall, the fit is nice and trim and they are not too short in the sleeves. With a view to the fact that I only like wearing shirts with 'button down' collars when not wearing the tie, is this shirt tasteful? I am slightly worried about the 'easy care' staple but I can get over a synthetic fabric if it is a tasteful shirt. Do you think the pattern looks...
In England all male teachers are expected to wear shirts, ties and shoes. Few actually wear suits, some of the older ones will wear tweed jackets or a jumper, and others no layer between the shirt and overcoat.
I speak of these: Has anyone any experience of them? How do they fit, baggy, just right? I am usually a small in these things and need some more casual shirts for when I go tieless (which is often). If not, has anyone any other recommendations in a similar price bracket (preferably British, as I am in Britain)? edit: these are presently 4 for £90 and are on perpetual offer, so by 'similar price bracket' I mean...
Things are tough in Southern Ireland at the moment I gather, but I hope something like that catches on and moves to Britain as well.
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