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Do people wear non-button down shirts without ties? I think it'd look a bit silly with cufflinks and collar stays and a big open collar.
Glad I'm not the only one who is a bit miffed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jack2000 Try orient watches on amazon or ebay. You can get orient star in that price range sometimes, which would be almost on par with the seiko. Here is a nice one for cheap, although not of the same quality as the spirit. Not hacking etc. Thanks ever so much for that recommendation. What do you mean by 'not hacking'?
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero They've been discontinued. bugger.
is now 600 dollars? Or am I looking at the wrong thing? I can't find the one that is $350 anywhere... so I suppose that's my dream of owning a decent mechanical smart watch at a good price down the drain. edit on closer inspection, it's not available: any news on when they will have it in again?
Quote: Originally Posted by WRAdvisor For the price, it doesn't look all that bad. I think it's a little boxy, but nothing that would turn me away from buying it (unless you're skinny as a toothpick). I am quite skinny (usually take a 38 regular) but I suppose I could have it given a bit of waist suppression by the tailors (also looks like the sleeves will have to be shortened). Looks in the photo to have patch pockets... can't tell the colour...
Will this blazer do for work? Are there any better options at the price point? Looks a bit boxy but maybe that's a bulky bloke they've got it on... I would obv have it taken in... have heard both good and bad re: the quality of Marks and Spencer's gear. Thoughst requested.
Thanks, chaps. What is that in mm?
What is the correct size of button needed for replacing buttons on a polo shirt? Is it the same as that for a shirt?
How do I measure the leg opening? Are we talking the circumference, or the diameter?
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