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Is this just because they are new? I am quite worried, I just got them from Pediwear and they are squeaking a lot. I have just given them a coat of polish and will wear them in, but what if they still squeak? Is there some remedy to this? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji Buy custom fit polo, remove the logo. No one gives a shit you have a logo. Could always buy RLPL polos, but they are several hundred dollars. Loro piana are very nice too, but very expensive. Yeah I'm rather lower down the price scale than that. I just don't like logos on my clothing.
Which are recommended? I would like a polo that fits like the RL custom fit polo, but without the logo. I am not a chav and do not wish to display logos on my clothing. It is a showy detail that serves no purpose other than to tell onlookers 'hey look how much my polo cost'... I'd rather the fit and quality spoke for themselves.
This is laughable. Are people here seriously saying it is acceptable to wear brown shoes with a navy suit?
Has nobody asked yet whether this is even an evening wedding? What time is the wedding, old sport?
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel IGent manual says MOP buttons, smoked if you are an IThug. OK the MOP buttons are going on it then... I just thought that might look a bit ostentatious, given the contrast.
I just got a new navy linen/cotton (55/45 I think) blazer but it has black plastic buttons on it and I think I want to change them. My first instinct was to go for some remaining mother-of-pearl, white buttons that I had left over from sewing on an earlier cream jacket. But since this one is navy, I thought it might be possible to replace them with brass buttons - would this look good? It is a fairly cheap article, does anyone know where I can get brass buttons on...
Does anyone know what type of coat it is? It looks like a chesterfield, but could it be a Covert Coat? I badly want that coat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fantastic Mr Foxx Here is what I think would go with your cream linen jacket: Navy dotted knit tie Blue and white striped shirt Grey or white trousers But there are also other options. Maybe other knowledgeable iGents could share their ideas... Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely get a knit navy tie soon. The one I'm not sure of, though, is the white trousers, as I reckon the colour would be too close to...
OK so I am using a cream linen sports jacket as a smart jacket for work (it is a smart workplace but suits are not required). I have so far worn it with a light blue striped tie and white shirt with navy trousers, which I think has looked smart, but was wondering what I could do with possibly light blue/pink shirts and ties, any ideas?
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