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I wish there were grammar schools where I live. As for suits, you're going to have to get them altered anyway, probably to have the sleeves shortened, if you want to show a bit of shirt cuff.
That was what I was thinking. Are they going to dry out though?
I just did this. Am I going to look like a tit? I mean to me the mirror-shined toecaps look is cool but some people might think otherwise.
"Nash v Inman (1908) Here a tailor sued a minor to whom he had supplied clothes, including 11 fancy waistcoats. It was decided that, as the minor was an undergraduate at Cambridge University at the time, the clothes were suitable according to the minor's station in life. Unfortunately for the tailor, however, it was further decided that they were not necessary, as he already had sufficient clothing. Minors are only under a legal obligation to pay for things necessary...
I can see a nice patina.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol would you go to a car forum and make fun of people who spend money on their cars? I'm not making fun, I'm just saying that though I like to dress in nice clothes, I don't have quite that much money.
lollers if you think I can pay £107 for a polo shirt. You lot must be made of money.
I did order some Uniqlo 'dry' polos from their web-site. They contained polyester and were meshy, rather unlikeable to the touch. Their other polos, the 'washed' ones, might be better. However, these have black buttons which I think looks a bit silly. Does anyone know a source of replacement buttons?
I believe the problem is that the tongue is rubbing the upper of the shoe. Is this easily soluble? Can I just use some saddle soap on it?
Dress shirts are always white by definition, old chap.
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