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Topman rubbish. They talk about the 'freedom' to wear what you want, but someone who is properly dressed will be frowned upon in certain quarters. I have decided that I don't give a damn about what other people wear and I wear what I like. I accept any compliments gratefully and dish them out when I mean them... and that's it. People at University (Bristol) accept it and some have started to smarten themselves up - I admit I can only really afford Uniqlo but I do buy...
I just put on a jacket. A tie would be too much, especially considering that we might go elsewhere afterwards.
I don't know why but I've always envied particularly muscular men who are also veiny freaks. Is it low bodyfat that will make me more vascular (in which case should I do cardio?) or is it just increasing muscle mass that will do it? I think that genetically I could be quite lucky in this respect because I have very veiny hands and feet.
Do I get a pair of Sperry Topsiders, and in what colour is the most 'classic'? Are there other options? Are socks not allowed? Also do I iron creases into chino shorts?
One of the ladies at work said I looked like an MD (I assumed she meant Medical Doctor and not Managing Director, but who knows, I was wearing a navy blaer with white buttons and a wine-coloured tie.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar It is possible especially when you live in Coventry... I was in Durham at the time... it actually hurt quite a bit.
Someone said that I looked like something out of Miami Vice. I think this person might have been taking the piss.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR There are many responses from UK folk. However Marks and Spencer will meet you requirements and are good value for money unless you want some wayward style that no one else would - The answer to that is bespoke. If you look through Tomas Mahon's blog you will see his endorsement of this option. This has become almost SF/Askandy folklore. Who knows which M&S suits Mahon was specifically endorsing? Nobody.
Quote: Originally Posted by StopPolloition In the United States, it's referred to as spit shine, and it's uncommon except among those who were in the military. The problem I've noticed isn't so much that the shoes dry out but that the wax starts to flake starting at creases and areas where the shoe flexes. I only did it on the toe-cap and the heel counters. The rest of the shoe has a nice shine, but much less polish and therefore is not...
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